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We pursue a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics and have been part of a regional Maths Mastery project for the last two years. This means that lessons are broken down into small, connected steps that build on previous learning.

A range of practical equipment and visual representations are used to prompt children’s reasoning and to develop their understanding. At Hallwood Park, we have a “Calculation Fortnight” at the beginning of every half term, which aims to secure children’s skills in calculation and accurate recall of number facts. 

In Early Years, the children learn through play-based activities. They gradually learn to count and to recognise numbers, as well as working with shape, measures etc. As the children move through the school, emphasis is given to the basic skills of calculation but they are also given opportunities to develop their reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Parents can help their children in the learning of number facts, such as number bonds and times tables. Practical activities such as weighing out the ingredients for baking or adding items of shopping will also help your child to develop their mathematical thinking.

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