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Coronavirus - Learning at Home

This page has been set up to help parents direct their children's learning at home. Input from the teacher will be placed on this page on a weekly basis. (Please check here regularly.)


Please see the policy below and the list of useful websites. These give free access to many activities for all ages. 


We do hope that children will continue to read with their parents and that you will enjoy some creative learning activities together as well. Why not get out some board games - many of them provide useful practice in basic skills and help to develop useful life skills such as taking turns!

Useful Websites to Support Learning at Home


We have set up some new emails to allow parents and carers to contact teachers about their children's work. They are:  


The emails will be checked regularly but you may not get a response the same day. If your child's teacher is unavailable, a different teacher may respond and will try to help as far as possible.