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Behaviour Principles Statement


The school has a fair system of rewards and consequences, to encourage good behaviour and to deal effectively with disruptive behaviour. All staff, including non-teaching staff and lunchtime supervisors follow the agreed Behaviour Policy which is reviewed annually.


Our School Rules


  1. Follow instructions the first time
  2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  3. Look after our school and everything in it
  4. Show respect : no name-calling, teasing, bad-language or using threatening behaviours





There are also rules specific to the classroom, playground, dinner hall, assemblies and corridors which are designed to promote the children’s independence. Parents are informed about the rules, rewards and sanctions each September in a leaflet and via the school’s website.


At all times, we want children to be happy and successful in school and so we aim to encourage them to behave well. Many classes have a regular “Circle Time”, which allows the children to talk about issues with their teacher and there is regular focus on particular behaviours and values (eg using manners without being reminded). Improvements in behaviour are recognised and celebrated in school, in the same way as improvement in attainment.


If we do contact parents about their child’s behaviour, it is because we are committed to helping the child to succeed and because we want to work in partnership with them. If parents have a concern about their child, they are expected to see the class teacher in the first instance. The class teacher will then liaise with the SENCo, as necessary. The school has very good relationships with various local external agencies (eg Educational Psychology) and may refer to them for their expertise, should the need arise.


Parents can support us in establishing high standards of behaviour by:

  • Encouraging respect for adults.
  • Helping the child to take responsibility for his/her actions.



(April 2016)


Other relevant policies can be found in the Policies section of our website. (Go to "Key Information")