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Falcons - Year 6

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Welcome to Falcon Class      


This Term's Topic

Welcome to year 6 and to Falcon Class. This term our topic is Our World which has a mainly geography focus, but we will link it to English and science, paying particular attention to some of the issues currently facing the Earth and its inhabitants. 

In English, we will be taking some of our work from Holes by Louis Sachar. This will help to develop inference and deduction skills when reading texts. From the story, we will write persuasive leaflets, descriptions and our own narrative. We will also look at persuasion, and debate a topical issue. We will continue our teaching of the rules for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in the run-up to the end of key stage tests in May.

In maths, we will follow the New National Curriculum for England and follow the programme of study for Year 6. This will involve learning about place value, addition, subtraction,

multiplication, division, fractions and angles. This term we will be learning about shape, statistics and continuing our number work. We will investigate area and perimeter which will lead on to volume and 3D shapes.

In science, our first area of learning will be finding out about light including: where light comes from, how shadows are formed and how we are able to see things. We will also link this to our main topic of Our World and look at how animals have adapted to live in certain climatic regions. This will include looking at Mary Anning and her discovery of fossils in Dorset and writing a biography for her.




Falcon Class are taught by:
Mr Fletcher and Miss Arrowsmith


Reading Books and Reading Diaries
Reading books are to be taken home and read EVERY day and returned to school the following day. The reading diary needs to be signed by either the pupil or parent after each reading session. The reading diaries will be monitored regularly to ensure independent reading is taking place at home.

School P.E. kits are to be brought in to school on Monday and kept in school all week. If the kits need a wash, this is to be done at the weekend or at half term.

Please note, that Booster Club will take place this term, every Tuesday until 4pm. All children are expected to attend and are welcome to bring a small snack to eat at 3pm. Thanks for your support in enabling us to prepare your child for the national tests in May.



In year 6 the pupils are expected to read every day. They will also be given a maths related homework on Monday which they will be given a week to complete.

On Friday they will be given a literacy or topic task which is to be completed and handed in on Monday.